Cash For Clothes is a service GreenFabulous provides to help you clean out your closets and get paid for items you no longer use or want. We pay you cash or store credit upfront for your new or gently-used clothing, shoes, and accessories. We then re-sell your items in our store to buyers worldwide. You get cash in your pocket, our buyers get great deals on items they want, and by redistributing useable goods like clothing and shoes, our eco-friendly business helps the environment.

What We Buy

Women’s, Men’s, & Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Handbags, and Sports Apparel

We accept most gently used pre-owned and new items. Unlike other “traditional” consignment shops and online resale sites, we accept past season items, out-of-season items, vintage items, and items with small flaws (such as “wash & wear”, small stains, missing buttons, etc. for a reduced price).

ALL Items MUST be clean – We cannot accept items that have pet hair, deodorant stains, perfumes, smoke odors, etc.. A cleaning fee will be deducted from the pay-out if items need to be cleaned.

How You Are Paid

Unlike most pre-owned fashion retailers, we pay you upfront! There is no waiting to be paid or returning to the shop every 30 days to see if your items have sold. We purchase your items outright at a mutually agreed upon price and you are paid via PayPal transfer immediately!

How Much You Can Expect For Your Items

We use the following industry-standard formula to calculate price:

Initial Listing Price – What We Will Sell It For You Will Be Paid
Under $14.99 5%
$15 – $19.99 10%
$20 – $50 15%
$50 – $100 20%
Over $100 25-30%

*Cleaning Fees May Reduce Payout Amounts

*Pre-Owned Children’s Clothing is Sold in Quantity Lots – Sellers Will Be Paid Based on the Listing Price of the Lot, Not Per Item

Some Helpful Tips to Prepare For Your Closet Buy-Out

· We are NOT like traditional consignment shops! We accept almost any items – even items with minor flaws and past season items! We accept seasonal items year-round.

· Items should be closet-clean. We cannot accept items that are dirty, contain pet hair, deodorant, and/or smoke odors – Kindly launder these items prior to your closet buy. A cleaning fee will be deducted from the payout for items that need to be laundered.

· No need to sort or place on hangers! Just fold items and place in a disposable plastic bag(s).

· Items that we cannot accept will be donated to a local non-profit donation center and we will mail you the donation tax receipt for your records.

· We pay you upfront! Please see the Buying Guide for a more detailed price list. At this time, we only pay via electronic funds transfer through PayPal.

· We can pick up your items from your home, you can drop them off at our offices, or any other mutually-agreed upon convenient location.

· All sales are final. Unfortunately, we cannot sort through and return items to you once the sale has been completed.