Becky: I’m so very pleased with your company! You and Ron even came to
my house to pick up my eight boxes of clothes and within five days I
had the cash in my account.It was such a relief for me because I
didn’t have to carry all those boxes to a consignment store myself. It
was quick and easy with your service and there was no waiting around
months and checking back to see if the items sold. What a great way to
do a quick closet clean up! Love it!


Rebecca and her team at GreenFabulous are great- It is extremely simple to do closet clean out and consign with an option like this unique business…No seasonal clothing discrimination? Pay you up front? Who else offers that?!? No one that’s this easy to work with…I love it!


Using GreenFabulous has been so convenient for getting rid of used items and making money quickly. It beats the process of selling items yourself, where you would have to take pictures, describe each item, communicate with potential buyers and arrange a pickup. Who has time for that? The GreenFabulous team is responsive, fast, and easy; we love working with them!


I love using GreenFabulous’ services when I’m cleaning out my closet between seasons. They make things super easy, I know my clothes are eventually getting by someone else instead of going into the trash, and I end up with a little money that I can put towards my next clothing purchases! It’s a great company to work with run by people I trust.


My experience with GreenFabulous was quite fabulous!!Becky was attentive, honest, and very accommodating!I will definitely use GreenFabulous again and will tell my friends!!


My experience with GreenFabulous was top notch! Ron and Becky made it so easy for me to clear out some space in my closet and make extra cash quickly. So much better than a typical consignment process – I recommend Green Fabulous to everyone I know.